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livestreaming , podcasting, content creation, post-production, talent casting, TV commercials, corporate video


Creating quality media production to captivate your audience

Muse is an all-platform media production company based in Singapore.

The past 2 decades our core has been post-production. But with the constantly shifting culture scape, Muse is time-evolving into trans-media projects for brand-building and asset-creation for businesses in this age of artificial intelligence and accelerated 5.0 world.

We now provide various services; on-site and in-studio Livestream, Podcasting facility and production team, as well as in-studio sets for your various shooting needs.

Our 5.1 audio-studio set-up will be able to fulfill any post-work request helmed by an industry veteran.

Media Production

We provide pre-production, full production and post-production services for your film.

Digital Media Content

Creating compeling online video content for your products or services, live streaming events, podcasts and webinars.

Corporate Video

Professional video production for your corporated branding

Sound Design

Creating  creating audio for  an aural experience that will elevate your viewing pleasure for films and television

More Than 20 Years

In The Industry

We have a complete suite of media production services to produce high quality content for you. We combine creativity and technology to create impactful and engaging content,

Professional Team

Our experienced and dedicated team will be with you all the way from pre-production to post-production

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

We are constantly investing and keeping abreast in the latest equipment and technology to provide quality work for our clients.

In-step With Industry Trends

We are always riding on the latest developments in the industry

Some Of Our Esteemed Clients