A Collaborative Project
for Chikushi Jogakuen Senior High School


We bridge the gap between the training provider and our local partners to showcase the uniqueness of Singapore. In this case, we recommended Dr. Mohamad Shamsuri to host and present a lecture on multiculturalism in Singapore.


Our team was in charge of all aspects of production for this event. We recorded the lecture, managed the assets, post-production, sound design, created graphic elements to package the lecture in three concise and cohesive parts.


The final product in the form of a 3-part lecture series is available on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

A lecture on multiculturalism in Singapore

Chikushi Jogakuen Senior High School were on a study trip to Singapore in 2019.

Overseas Training Coordinator Takako Tanaka worked with Keisuke Koizumi of Area K Consultancy to look for suitable industry immersion programs for the students.

The goal is helping the Japanese students understand how the Singaporean workplace setting engage in peaceful multi-ethnic and cultural interactions.

Special Project

Dr Mohamad Shamsuri of the IPS was more than happy to welcome the students when approached by Muse. He held a lecture on multiculturalism in Singapore for the Japanese senior high students on December 4th, 2019.

This talk focuses on Singapore's colonial past and how it has affected policymaking in a highly multicultural Singapore.

Part 1

This talk covers the various policies and measures the Singapore government has put into place over the years, covering housing, education, and religious matters.

Part 2

Expounds on the outcomes of current policies, their pros and cons, and how foreign events can shape and influence domestic policy making.

Part 3

Let's collaborate to tell a story

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